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The journey has only just begun.

We’re building the espresso machine of a new generation. The first machine, that truly lives up to the zeitgeist – extremely precise, highly energy efficient, largely made from recycled & renewable resources and designed to be a work of art. A machine that is built to last and created to become an heirloom – a true Legend.

The story is being written as we speak…


Yes, it’s only another prototype, visually not yet a »Legend«, but we’re fully determined to genuinely celebrate every step of the journey – with you.

legend espresso

experience the book while it grows - page by page.

Legend Espresso is a project based in Southern Germany and was founded by coffee, design and engineering enthusiasts. The journey has only just begun and we hereby invite you to become a part of the story and experience the book while it grows – page by page. But before we jump right into it – what is it actually all about?

we're building a legend:

Our goal is to create a purist, individually configurable and high-quality espresso machine with outstanding design, made largely from recycled raw materials.

We want to rethink details to build a machine that is extremely precise and energy efficient.

A machine that lasts a lifetime, is easy to access and maintain, and thus defies the madness of the throwaway society. Users will be empowered through guides & tutorials to maintain their Legend themselves, or optionally get a DIY build kit including paint-by-numbers instructions, making a high-end machine affordable.

Why we do it:

A passion for good coffee certainly plays a major role in initiating such a project, as does an affinity for aesthetic, intuitive design. But what was really decisive was the apparent discrepancy between the contemporary requirements for responsible product development in terms of raw material cycles, energy efficiency, durability and current status quo.
The current global situation makes it ruthlessly clear that if we do not want to deprive ourselves of our own livelihood and, above all, our childrens‘ future, we must drastically change the way in which we handle and manage our limited resources.

In view of this, it makes little sense to continue to bring products into the world whose manufacturing process is built on the limitless extraction of raw materials, which then do not find their way back again, must first be reprocessed at great expense of energy, or even end up in landfill.

The only logical conclusion is to not only center longevity in design, but we must think in terms of cycles from the outset – from the idea through the entire life cycle of the product, and implement them as consistently as possible.

Thus, our plan is to build an exceptionally precise, energy-efficient and high-quality espresso machine, putting these basic principles at the very focus of our development in every detail. A machine so durable and special that it has the potential to become an heirloom.

how we do it:

One of the most important insights for us to bring such projects to life is that passion and real participation are an incredibly powerful vehicle for creative thinking and action.

The impact of what happens when people come together out of intrinsic motivation to work on things they are absolutely convinced of – and if these people get a fair share of the joint value creation – could well be called “maximum unfolding of potential”. The energy that builds up in a team like this, in which everyone involved is working together on a truly equal footing and is contributing their expertise, can hardly be described in words! And from our point of perspective the likelihood that the end result will speak for itself is way above average.

Based on this approach, we were able to develop a first prototype within a relatively short time – we affectionately call it “Frankenstein”.

Apart from the approximate design of the brew head, Frankenstein still has very little to do visually with the finished LEGEND. The motto was: we screw two “logs” together and use them to build up a feasibility study, with which we can test or verify our ideas and concepts.

The very first prototype – the Legend Espresso “Frankenstein”

If you’re already feeling a subtle excitement now, we hereby invite you to join us on our journey! We’re determined to challenge the status quo not only by creating this machine we call “Legend”, but also by the way how we’re doing it. Follow along to become a part of this story and experience the book while it grows – page by page. The first chapters have already been written – chapter 0I “THIS IS OUR MISSION” will be waiting in your inbox:

A Flyer describing Legend Espresso Machine